Privacy Policy

Alpha Dental Australia P/L (Alpha) is committed to ensuring that the private information you provide to us is protected. We understand your concerns regarding confidentiality and security of the information you make available to us.

What we might collect.

As the information we collect as an organisation is for service provision purposes, the amount and type will vary accordingly. In most cases we will collect details like name, address, date of birth, contact details (such as phone and fax numbers, email addresses of you and your close family members) as well as financial details for billing purposes.

As Alpha Dental provides a comprehensive Dental service, a clear and concise medical history will also be required before we are able to offer you some medical treatments. In all circumstances, where the National Privacy Principles required us to do so, we will always ask you for your written consent.

In circumstances where the person receiving the treatment may not, for varying reasons, be able to provide consent, it may be sought from a guardian or another person empowered to do so by law.

How your information is stored.

Information we hold about you is stored in two ways. We will have a paper file that is initially used to collate all the information we receive about you. Most of this information is then put into a computer database where it is stored, updated and added to as you have assessments and Dental treatments done.

All information is protected. Your paper files are locked away whereas the more complete electronic files are held within the Organisation’s computer systems only accessible by Alpha Dental staff members who have the right credentials for access and use in your care. This data is backed up on a daily basis both locally and off site. How we use your information and reasons why we might need to disclose your information.

If you are a recipient of one of our services your information is used to assess whether we are able to safely provide you with dental care and when provided, who we are able to send our bills to for payment, like Medicare, DVA, Financial State Trustees or other funding sources. The information you supply will not be given to any other third party, under any circumstances unless we

  • Are directed to do so by a statutory body with legislative powers to obtain your information;
  • Are asked to do so by you, in writing, for whatever purpose you deem necessary.

In any other circumstance where we might be requested to provide information we will check with you or the person you have nominated to act on your behalf first, to make sure that the request is legitimate before responding to that request.

Access and Correction of your information.

In most cases you will be able to gain access to the information we hold about you. For auditing and security reasons we will require you to advise us in writing. Alpha has procedures and policies in place on how your information is handled, who is allowed access to your information as well as where the information will be stored, managed and retained.

If you wish to review, change or forward the information that Alpha has retained about you, then you can either apply in writing to the Privacy Coordinator, Alpha Dental Australia P/L P.O. Box 502 Bulleen, Melbourne VIC 3015, making sure that you date and sign the document. Alternatively you can ring our office to obtain an information access / change application form.

This form is also available on-line. Incomplete or ambiguous applications may cause the request to be rejected. The request is reviewed and validated as coming from you and if accepted is processed according to your wishes. Both the request and a copy of the resultant action by us will be filed with your other records.

Alpha will maintain procedures, policies and forms for the management of the personal information and to ensure currency of compliance to Privacy legislation.

A copy of this privacy policy can be found on the forms page